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" Letter To Shareholders "

Dear Shareholders,                                                                                                             


On behalf of all the colleagues and shareholders of Raffles Financial, we thank you for accepting and supporting us into the Explorex family.


On Monday 11th May 2020, we will begin trading under a new name Raffles Financial Group Ltd and stock symbol RICH.


Congratulations on the listing of Raffles Financial Group on the CSE. We are super excited to have our first Singaporean company list with the CSE.” said Mr Phillip Shum, Director of Listings Development, Canadian Securities Exchange.


We are honoured and thank you for giving us your vote of confidence and as a new custodian of your investment in Raffles Financial Group, we vow to deliver exceptional services to our clients and stakeholders, and to build the business to reward you with good dividends and growth in share value.


The team has lined up many initiatives and target to release the announcements in the coming weeks. These moves will strengthen our service offerings and improve our bottom line. 


Please feel free to communicate with the team and let us know how we can do better.


Once again, thank you for having us in your life.


God Bless.



Dr Charlie In


Raffles Financial Group Ltd

11 May 2020


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